Single PHASE


ERMCO single phase pole mounted distribution transformers are designed and manufactured in compliance with all applicable IEEE and RUS standards. All transformers are oil filled, 65°C rise, and designed for usual service conditions per IEEE C57.12.00.

ERMCO polemount transformers are categorized by type and class. Type identifies the protection of transformers. Class Identifies the number of high voltage bushings, mounting positions and lightning arresters when required.

  • Ratings are available in 1/2 through 250 kVA with primary voltages 2.4 kV through 34.5 kV (150 kV BIL) and secondary voltages up to 600 volts.
  • Step down transformer ratings are available in 25 through 50 kVA with primary voltages 2.4 kV – 34.5 kV (150 kV BIL) and low voltages 2.4 – 14.4 kV (125 kV BIL).
  • All standard tap configurations available.
  • Dual voltage available in most combinations.
  • Dual voltage with taps in series positions only.
  • Dual voltage: Highest BIL applies to both voltages.
  • Additional voltages may be available, consult with factory.
  • Impedance and loss options available in most designs.



  • External welds are 100% coverage for added strength and corrosion withstand.
  • Lift ears allow sling lifting while the unit is still banded to the pallet.
  • Tank bottoms weld is recessed for added protection.


  • Secured with grip nuts for uniform pressure.
  • Tightened with torque wrenches for consistent leak free performance.
  • Gaskets made of nitrile rubber for long life.

Corrosion Protection:

  • 100% of the polemount receives a paint finish that exceeds all IEEE requirements including 160 in-lb. impact, 2000-hour salt spray, 1000 hours QUV and 20 cycle SCAB.


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  • 3 year warranty on CSP.
  • 2 year warranty on Conventional.
  • Coverage includes round trip transportation between the purchaser shipping dock and the repair facility.

Pole Brochure

Provides kVA and standard voltage offerings and available accessories.

Pole Step Brochure

Provides information on our Single Phase Pole Step Transformer.

Instruction Manual

Provides information for installation, operation and maintenance.

Assembly Brochure

Provides information on design and assembly of cores and coils.

Optional Accessories

Provides instruction on optional accessories.