Product Accessories

ECI offers component accessories for use on distribution transformers to enhance performance and reliability.

Wildlife Protection Products


Anti-Tracking Kit

Terminal Boards

  • Expulsion Fuses

    ECI manufactures a complete product range of expulsion fuses for use in oil-filled distribution transformers.
  • Arrester Disconnect Switch

    ECI's DSN switches allow electrical testing of transformers equipped with internal under oil lighting arresters.
  • Bushings

    ECI manufactures bushings for use in pole and padmount oil filled distribution transformers and other oil filled electrical apparatus.
  • Circuit Breakers

    ECI manufactures internal oil-immersed secondary circuit breakers for use in oil-filled transformers.
  • Breaker Accessories

    ECI's line of accessories facilitate the assembly of circuit breakers into oil-filled transformers.
  • Dry-Well Fuseholders

    ECI's dry-well fuseholders allow the placement of dead front type current limiting fuses in transformers.
  • Arresters

    ECI's lightning arresters were designed for the low voltage side of single or three phase transformers.

Wildlife Protection Products

ECI manufactures three types of non-conductive covers to protect wildlife from contacting the energized portion of a pole mounted distribution transformer high voltage bushing. They are made from polyethylene with enhanced superior ultraviolet withstand characteristics.


Contact ECI Sales for price and availability at 877-267-1855 or 423-638-2302.

The Cap Type

Catalog # 7589ZU5499

This type is designed to snap onto the high voltage bushing terminal during the initial installation of the transformer.

Contact ECI Sales for price and availability at 877-267-1855 or 423-638-2302.

The Clam Shell

Catalog #: 7581ZA0199

This type is designed with a positive latch to secure the guard in the closed position but also allows for easy opening during maintenance or for installation on transformers after they have been installed.

Contact ECI Sales for price and availability at 877-267-1855 or 423-638-2302.

The Hand Wheel

Catalog #: 7581ZA0299

This type is designed with a pin and socket mechanism to self-align the guard into the closed position.  The electrical connection to the transformer terminal can be made with the guard open for improved visibility.

Contact ECI Sales for price and availability at 877-267-1855 or 423-638-2302.

Dripshield for Padmount Transformers

ECI offers a high strength nonmetallic drip cup for use with bayonet fused transformers. The drip shield has a unique positive latching system that clips on the outside of the bayonet assembly and locks in place, so a lineman’s hot stick won’t dislodge the cup.


  • Can be specified for the OEM to install at the transformer factory.
  • Can be added onto transformers as a field retrofit.
  • Prevents accidental oil spillage in the event of being hit with a hot stick.


Catalog #: 7580ZB2199

Anti-Tracking Kit

ECI offers the bushing Anti-Tracking Kit for use on Distribution Transformer high voltage bushings in contaminated areas.


Installation of the Anti-Tracking Kit is performed by placing the small spring around the bushing top casting between the casting and the porcelain making sure it touches both. The larger spring is then placed around the lower porcelain touching both the porcelain and the tank cover. The grommet on the loose end attached to the bottom spring should be tightly attached to the tank ground nut.


The springs used in the Anti-Tracking Kit are 302 stainless with a nickel plated brass grommet.


Catalog #: 7590ZA0199

Single Pole Terminal

Double Pole Terminal

Terminal Boards

Two types of high voltage terminal boards are available for single phase distribution transformers in one bushing and two bushing designs. These terminal boards provide a standardized common connection point insulating and securing the coil lead and high voltage bushing lead connections from ground points which may cause an arc within the tank of the distribution transformer.

  • 7285ZA2299       5/16”-18 x 1-1/4”
  • 7285ZA2399        5/16”-18 x 1”
  • 7285ZA2599        3/8”-16 x 1-1/4”
  • 7285ZA2499      (2) 5/16”-18 x 1″