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ERMCO enters into distribution arrangement with United Utility Supply

Friday, January 8, 2016
Special to The State Gazette
RACHEL TOWNSEND [email protected]

Recently released in the Louisville Business Press, 100 employees working at the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives Inc. (KAEC), will need to start looking for new jobs, as the cooperative has now decided that its transformer manufacturing operation in Louisville will be shutting down as part of a shift to a distribution-only business model.

The Louisville cooperative filed a Worker Adjustment and Restraining Notification with the state on Dec. 29.

"Making this transition has been a difficult decision, but it comes after careful analysis of KAEC's position and realistic assessment of the challenges we face in the marketplace," stated KAEC President and CEO Chris Perry.

"This distributorship brings greater value and stability for our members and puts the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives and United Utility Supply in a strong position for the future."

The ERMCO facility in Dyersburg has made the move to purchase the assets of the closed facility, and entered into a distribution arrangement with United Utility Supply, who previously distributed approximately 32,000 pole-mount and pad-mount transformers per year.

According to ERMCO President and CEO Bill Reffert, orders for pole mounts and pad-mount transformers have already been placed with the Dyersburg plant, resulting in more work for facility employees.

"A team will be going to Louisville this week to evaluate the purchase and see what materials can be used and what materials need to be disposed of," stated Reffert.

ERMCO Celebrates Office Expansion

Saturday, February 7, 2015
Special to The State Gazette

ERMCO is very proud to announce the opening of its new office expansion. ERMCO President and CEO Bill Reffert commented, "The need for more office space has been driven by our consistent growth over the past few years."

Reffert added "ERMCO's business is heavily dependent on the housing market and the industrial/construction markets and both of those markets continue to be far below the booming markets of 2007 and 2008. Over the last five years, our headcount has increased by over 275 employees in a very sluggish economy. I have to give tremendous credit to our employees in sales, production, quality, engineering and the support departments who provide a high-quality product and excellent customer service. I am very proud of the outstanding ERMCO workforce. Our growth and the need for this office expansion is a testament to the pride that each ERMCO employee brings each day to the work place. Our employees strive every day to be the best distribution transformer manufacturer so that ERMCO can continue to serve utilities who want to trust ERMCO with their transformer requirements."

Jerry Ray, ERMCO VP of Human Resources added, "We have done a great deal of hiring over the past few years and we needed to revise the footprint of our entire administration building. We wanted to expand the break-room facilities which results in having to convert some offices adjacent to this area into break room space." Christian Ouimet, ERMCO VP of Sales and Engineering, added, "We are also able to add conference room space to handle the increased amount of customer visits."

R.C. Hensley, ERMCO Engineering Manager and Office Expansion project manager, said, "We talked to a number of contractors and decided to award the construction of the new office addition to Rose Construction Inc. They designed a 6,000 square-foot floor plan that matched the existing building along with a covered portico to make access to the administration building easier in bad weather.

"I was very impressed with how quickly the project got started and even more impressed with the flexibility Rose showed in making sure were pleased with the finished product," said Bill Reffert.

ERMCO Manufacturing Milestone

On November 13, 2014, ERMCO reached a manufacturing milestone. The three-phase plant, located on Sylvan Road, produced its 100,000th three-phase transformer. ERMCO began manufacturing three-phase transformers in 2000 utilizing a patented design developed here in Dyersburg. This has enabled ERMCO to grow into a market leader of three-phase transformer manufacturing in the US. Three-phase transformers are used to provide electrical service to commercial/industrial buildings, apartment buildings and a wide variety of other installations that have large electrical requirements. The landmark unit was manufactured for Mountrail Williams Electric Cooperative in Williston, North Dakota to serve the Bakken Shale oil boom in that area of the country. In attendance to celebrate the 100,000th unit from left to right were Matt Brandrup, CEO of RESCO, ERMCO's sales distribution partner; Dale Haugen, CEO of Mountrail Williams Electric Cooperative; Bill Reffert, ERMCO President and CEO; Pat McFarland ERMCO Director of Materials; Todd Carlson, ERMCO VP of Quality; Craig DeRouen, ERMCO VP of Engineering; Christian Ouimet, ERMCO VP of Sales; Kent Raffath, ERMCO Sr. VP of Finance; Jerry Ray, ERMCO VP of HR; Jason Stanley, ERMCO Operations Manager; and Roger Stegeman, ERMCO Sr. VP of Operations.